New Online Calculator for Pokemon Evolutions

Ever wonder what CP your Zubat will be once it evolves into a Golbat? This website has a handy dropdown menu that lets you pick a pokemon and then enter its CP. It then gives the CP of the evolution(s) of that Pokemon with the CP multiplier right next to it. If you like using your calculator as oppose the slight extra data that will cost you, here is a link to a google docs spreadsheet that you can then download: Google Docs Sheet

The tool also provides a breakdown of the evolutions for that catch if there’s more than one evolution.

Site built by dasilva333 also giving thanks to /u/Dillybarsforlife , /u/Dyploxrs , and/u/SutrangSucher for all their data that this tool couldn’t have been built without.

Check it out, let us know what you think below in the comment section!!

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