Denver Businesses Are Crazy about Pokémon GO

Denver Businesses Love Pokemon GO

If you aren’t from the Denver, Colorado area, you may not have heard about the steady evolution of the Pokemon GO craze that is taking place within the city. Businesses all across Denver have taken advantage of the in-game features that grant the ability to draw players to specific locations. Some businesses have even taken one step further, and have developed their own promotional products/services in order to monetize the Pokemon GO craze for their own business.

What Types of Business are Getting Involved?

Denver Businesses Love Pokemon GO

There are a broad variety of different businesses that are taking advantage of this never-before-seen marketing strategy. From restaurants/bars to entire shopping districts, and historical landmarks to zoos, all of the major players in local commerce want their piece of the Pokemon GO pie.

Since the game’s release in July, restaurant and bar owners have been using Pokemon Lures, as well as advertising the rare Pokemon that frequent their locale, promotional drinks and appetizers that are named after Pokemon. Some fan favorites include Pokemon Juice (orange juice with mango Vodka), or Team Valor/Mystic/Instinct shots that are color coordinated to the corresponding team (offered for 50% off if customer shows their team allegiance on their device).

In July (annual low point in attendance) the Denver Zoo encouraged Pokemon Trainers to visit by shelling out nearly $400 on Pokemon Lures and offering a $5 discount to those who presented their Pokemon GO account upon entrance between the 22nd-24th. The event spawned a whopping 5000 more visitors than the same weekend of the previous year.

Perhaps one of the most impressive efforts made by Denver businesses, their nationally famous historic trolley. The trolley ride has temporarily been transformed into a real-life Pokemon Safari. The trolley has even adjusted their route to accommodate the more than 40 Pokemon Stops that are along their railway. The ride also extended stops where rare Pokemon have been known to hang out.

How is Pokemon GO Being Received in Your Community?

Denver Businesses Love Pokemon GO

If you own a business; or hold other stock in your local economy; it might be worth checking out the details of how these Denver businesses are using Pokemon GO to their advantage. Setting up to reap the benefits of Pokemon GO literally only takes minutes. Even if you aren’t a player, it couldn’t hurt to download the app and see what it can do for you.