PokemonGoAnywhere – Tap to Walk Anywhere

GPS Spoofing on iPhone

This is a simple hack to let you walk anywhere in pokemon go by tapping the map.  This is the how-to for GPS spoofing on iPhone, not for Android. Currently you must be faced north since the developer hasn’t figured out how to find the rotation of the map.

Many features like auto walking to nearby gyms and favorite spots will be coming soon.

Instructions for GPS Spoofing on iPhone

This is using /u/meinname123 method, and /u/MINIROO321 for the tweak! I take no credit for this, this is just a guide.

STEP 1: Download PokèmonGO.ipa first, it must be decrypted a.k.a. “cracked”.

Step 2: Download /u/meinname123 ‘s files and unzip (I recommend you place the unzipped folder onto the desktop): http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/Hr9mq9TV/file.html| Mirror

Step 3: Place your copy of PokèmonGo.ipa into your previously unzipped folder.

Rename the .IPA to PokemonGO.ipa if you wish to follow the tutorial directly

Step 4: Open up your terminal and type(you need an elevated account for the following steps):

cd Desktop/your-unzipped-file

You should now be in the folders directory. Next, you must elevate OPTOOL and patchapp.sh (thanks/u/AppleBetas )

chmod +x patchapp.sh optool 

Step 5: Create your provisioning profile, and locate it in Finder (Details on how to create a provisioning profile can be found in the wiki from the Sidebar, or here)

View post on imgur.com

Xcode>Preferences>Select your Developer ID>View Details>Locate your provisioning profile>Right-Click>Show in finder

Step 6: type the following into the console, where you should still be in the unzipped file location.

./patchapp.sh patch PokemonGo.ipa (hit spacebar) (drag your mobile provision in here from your provisioning profile folder)

You can just drag your previously located provisioning profile from the Finder into the Terminal.


You should see the following:

[+] Unpacking the .ipa file (/Users/xxxx/Desktop/JailedPokemonGoanyWhere/PokemonGO.ipa)...
[+] Copying .dylib dependences into ".patchapp.cache/Payload/pokemongo.app"
[+] Codesigning .dylib dependencies with certificate "iPhone Developer: xxxx@xxxx.com (XXXXXXXXXX)"
[+] Patching ".patchapp.cache/Payload/pokemongo.app/pokemongo" to load "PokemonGoAnywhere.dylib"
[+] Generating entitlements.xml for distribution ID 
[+] Codesigning the patched .app bundle with certificate "iPhone Developer: xxxx@xxxx.com (XXXXXXXXXX)"
pokemongo.app: replacing existing signature
[+] Repacking the .ipa
[+] Wrote "PokemonGO-patched.ipa"
[+] Great success!

STEP 6: You should have the “PokemonGO-patched.ipa” located in your unzipped file.


pokemon Go Land

, IF NOT, YOU CAN SKIP TO STEP 7 : Open iOS App Signer, and drag in the “PokemonGO-patched.ipa”as your “Input File:“, and select & find the provisioning profile you used in Step 5. Hit Start and an .ipa should be created on your desktop.

STEP 7: Sideload the .ipa that was created on your desktop (if you did step 6.1) or inside your unzipped file, enjoy 🙂

  • Dominic

    Do you have to do this process all over again when theres an update for Pokemon Go?

    • Pokemon GO Land

      You shouldn’t have to, no. In less they patch this in future updates.