Eeveelutions are NOT random!

It turns out that Eevee doesn’t evolve into Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon randomly like we thought. Niantic was smart and they left us little hints so players know with 100% certainty what they are going to be getting! This game keeps surprising me. Be sure to post your comments below.

Pokemon GO Land Evee

“So after extensive testing and research over the past 3+ hours, my friends and I have discovered something very important.

The evolutions are based off the Eevee’s moves.

Jolteon comes from Eevees with body slam as their second move, Vaporeon from ones with swift, and Flareon from ones with dig.

We observed this working 100% of the time with 10+ Eevees. So I’m fairly sure it isn’t luck.


Thank you, you’re welcome, and good night.”

If each Eevee evolution had equal probability of occurring, predicting the evolution like that 10 times only has a probability of 0.0017% which is significant enough to assume that it wasn’t random. More than likely each player has their own static eevee evolution tree. i.e. If your dig eevee evolved into a vaporeon, then all your dig eevees will become vaporeons, but someone’s else’s dig eevee could evolve into a flareon but then all their dig eevees will become flareon.

  • Discordya

    Just got a Jolteon from 2nd move Swift Evee.

    • Pokemon GO Land

      Okay that is really good to know, thank you!!