Get to Know Team Valor

Team Valor Pokemon GO

Team Valor holds an unusual position in the on-again off-again Pokemon Go game. Their team has the second most members out of three possible teams to choose from. Yet they hold more territory and gyms than any other group in-game.

They obviously have something going for them and people have started to notice Team Valor’s ferocity and tenacity. This team is determined to wipe Team Mystic and Team Instinct gyms off of the map entirely. Their chances of success are pretty slim, (seeing as that would lead to another dead end feature for the game and Niantic can’t take another hit like that on Pokemon Go) but it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out over time.

Who is the Mysterious Leader of Team Valor?

Team Valor Leader Pokemon GO

The recently revealed leader of Team Valor is a petite but fiery spirited girl with short, dark hair. Her name is Candela and she emphasizes the importance of strength; which has clearly drawn a lot of the players that are most serious about catching them all to her team.

Which Pokemon is the Mascot for Team Valor?

Team Valor Mascot | Pokemon GO

Moltres; # 146 in the Pokedex; is the mascot for Team Valor. This seems fitting with their color scheme of red, and their leader’s fiery nature. Moltres is a legendary Pokemon that has been very popular since the first generation of Pokemon was released. Sighting Moltres is said to be a sign of the coming of spring.

2 Out of 3 Isn’t Bad

Team Valor | Pokemon GO

Team Valor seems to be holding their own, and then some. What their team lacks in numbers they obviously more than make up for in sheer determination and grit. Their reputation is likely to draw more members to their group, so they are bound to continue to expand and conquer other team’s gyms.