Jigglypuff Evolution: The Jiggl, The Myth, The Legend

What and where did this character come from?! The Jigglypuff evolution started as a pink balloon-like Pokémon that is a hybrid of a Normal-type and a Fairy-type. Jigglypuff, who was originally named Purin in Japan, was one of the original 151 Pokémon that were introduced in Pokémon red and blue for the Nintendo Game Boy. The name Jigglypuff derives from the wiggly marshmallow-like look of the character’s body.


Jigglypuff is a character that can manipulate its vocal cords to sing at a frequency that lulls its opponents to sleep. This Jigglypuff song is one of the things that Jigglypuff is most known for. If you have never heard this song before, check it out, but don’t be surprised if you are lulled to sleep.

Jigglypuff Evolution and Statistics

Jigglypuff is a rather small Pokémon that is only one foot and eight inches in height and only weighs 12 pounds, but don’t let that small size of this monster fool you. Jigglypuff has 230 stamina, which makes it the Pokémon with the sixth highest health that you can capture. This feature is great for outlasting other Pokémon in battle, especially when you can put them to sleep.

Jigglypuff is weak to poison-type and steel-type attacks, but the little guy can easily hold his own when battling against fighting-type, dark-type, and dragon-type Pokémon. Jigglypuff has an extremely difficult time against ghost-type Pokémon because none of Jigglypuff’s moves are very effective against this type.

In Pokémon Go, Jigglypuff has a two tiered evolution cycle. When you feed Jigglypuff 50 pieces of Jigglypuff candy, he will transform into Wigglytuff, who is a slightly larger, less puffy looking. Jigglypuff also has a pre-evolution form that is named Igglybuff, but unfortunately, this character is not currently available in Pokémon Go.

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Jigglypuff : Moves and Abilities

Jigglypuff is able to use five different attacks while engaged in battle. Two of these moves are regular attacks, while the other three are special abilities that are a little bit more unique. Let’s take a look at each move and find out how it can help you and your Jigglypuff win a battle.
Feint Attack: This is a fast attack that deals 11.5 DPS (damage per second). It is a Dark-type of attack, so it is extremely effective against Psychic-type Pokémon; in addition, it restores seven energy each time the ability is used in battle.
Pound: This is a Normal-type attack that deals an average amount of damage. The main reason that this ability is so great is that it is extremely fast; in fact, it is the eight fastest ability of this type. This move also restores seven energy per use.
Body Slam: Jigglypuff will use the entire weight of its body for this attack, which admittedly is not much, but it will do over 25 DPS. Each time this attack is used it requires 50 energy.
Dazzling Gleam: This ability is a Fairy-type ability that is a powerful flash. This ability only does a small amount of DPS, but it is great to use against Dark-type, Fighting-type, and Dragon-type Pokémon. In addition, this move absorbs 33 energy from Jigglypuff.
Disarming Voice: This move is a cry that is charms anyone who hears it and it gives Jigglypuff the advantage in the battle. With STAB (same type attack bonus) this ability only does eight DPS, but it allows Jigglypuff to perform more attacks without being interrupted. This ability uses 20 energy each time that it is used, and it has a 3.9 second cooldown between uses.

How to Capture One

In Pokémon Go, you can obtain a Jigglypuff by hatching one from an egg or capturing one in the world. It is not a rare Pokémon, so you should be able to find one; you just have to know where to look. First, let’s cover hatching one. You will need a two kilometer egg to hatch one, and each time you walk enough to hatch the egg, you will only have a 1.7 percent chance to gain it for your collection. That is an extremely low chance, so you can also try to find one in the world.

Normal-type Pokémon do not spawn in specific locations, but Fairy-types do. Since Jigglypuff is a hybrid of these two types, you may want to look in locations where Fairy-type Pokémon can be found. Check churches, residential areas, campuses, and landmarks to find a Jigglypuff for your collection. There have been a few nest confirmations in Long Beach California and in Prado National Park. There have also been a number of Jigglypuffs captured in Prospect Park in Brooklyn New York. This location is not a confirmed nest, but if you live near the area, you may want to check it out.

Jigglypuff is a puffy creature that is loved by a lot of Pokémon fans, so if you want to add this adorable monster to your Pokédex, hopefully you have a better idea how you can capture one. As always, if you have information on where a Jigglypuff nest might be located, help us out and share the location.