Pokemon GO Gears Up For Halloween

Pokemon GO Holiday - Halloween

Fans of the Pokemon Go game are very excited about Niantic’s decision to implement holiday features and bonuses into the augmented reality game. Niantic’s timing couldn’t have been better. The Halloween promotion began in-game on Tuesday the 25th, just in time to save the game from potentially disastrous low rankings.

Pokemon Go Deserters Return

Since the beginning of August, the Pokemon Go game has taken several hard hits against it’s popularity; starting with glitches and the news coverage of players and innocent bystanders both being seriously injured during game play. The most recent update that really irked fans was the speed lock feature. Downloads and daily play for the game were both plummeting quickly. Just last week, the game had dropped to below tenth place in volume of downloads after only 4 months since the games release.

With the news that Pokemon GO is offering promotional content, increased siting’s of ghost Pokemon, and of course epic amounts of sweet, sweet Candy; fans have returned in droves. The game is bringing in some new players as well; mainly those who held off on downloading the game until it had more to offer to regular players. For now at least, Pokemon GO appears to be back on top.

How to Get Lots and Lots of Candy

Pokemon GO Halloween

There are several ways to obtain Candy in Pokemon GO on a regular basis. When players catch a Pokemon for instance, they normally receive 3 Candies. Players who have set up a Buddy Pokemon receive Candy from their Buddy. Hatching an egg also gives players Candy.

During the Halloween promotion (October 25th-Nov 1st) each of these actions will grant players double the usual amount of Candy, which is a huge deal for players that want to level up their teams. Each Candy can be used to advance the Pokemon of the player’s choice by one level. This makes not only leveling up easier, but also evolving player’s favorite Pokemon.