World’s First Pokémon GO Dating Website Launches in Canada and US

It’s happened, no more do we have to dream of #PokemonGoAndChill. The world’s first ever Pokémon GO dating service, PokéDates Launched in Canada. Yes, this is legit.

PokéDates offers single players in both the US and Canada dates tailored to their preferences and a mutual desire to become Poke’ Masters and play Pokémon GO together.

PokéDates automatically schedules the date for users based on the players availability, and then chooses PokeGym or PokeStop as the meeting point for the date.

Right now your first PokéDate is free when you use the promo code POKEDATES2016. From then on out whether you’re on team Instinct, Mystic, or Valor, each date will cost you $20 each, PokéDates can be earned by referring friends.

PokéDates is powered by an offline dating startup based in Chicago named Project Fixup,

“Our service is like your best friend fixing you up with someone they think you’ll like,” said Dank Korenevsky, Chief Fixup Officer at Project Fixup, in a release.

“Except we know more people than they do, listen to what you’re looking for without injecting our own opinions, and happen to know all the best bars, coffeeshops, and in this case PokéStops.”

My girlfriend would not be okay with me trying this out. So, if any of you get the chance to go on a PokeDate please comment and let us know how it goes!!