Know how much CP your evolved Pokemon will have!

Carlitocarlin created a spreadsheet (inspired by /u/afandrew2000 and /u/pokeagogo) that lists how much CP each Pokemon gains when they evolve.

The data so far is based off community input, so Carlitocarlin also created a form that’ll auto-update the sheet—when your Pokemon evolve, take note of the before and after CP and contribute to the sheet!

Again, numbers are all based on community input, so take ’em with a grain of salt. I’ll be sifting through periodically to handle any anomalies/troll inputs, and will be looking to do a deeper dive when I get more data.

We’re still missing lots of data for less common Pokemon, so please use the form when you evolve your Pokemon!


Pokemon Go Evolution CP Multiplier Sheet

Here’s the sheet.

Evolution Contribution Form

Here’s the form