Pokemon GO Players Assists Others

I didn’t hear much about this on other news outlets unfortunately most likely because they can’t spin it into a tale of how dangerous it is to play Pokemon Go at night.

Redditor Blueowl789 says “There was a lure party in the downtown district with 20-30 people there when it happened. For any of you that has ever had the displeasure of being in Greenville, NC – you would know that is amazing by itself.

Several players at the lure party were part of an initiative board called “New Greenville” who then wrote a letter to local policethanking them for their fast response and stating that they think PoGo is good for the community.”

It’s a good thing there were some real life Nurse Joy’s there to help this guy. Below is the article from WITN, be warned this article is poorly written.

Said News Article

“Police say a person suspected of stabbing a teen playing Pokemon Go in downtown Greenville is undergoing a evaluation by healthcare workers.

Just after midnight, police say Dillon Manning, 19, was playing the mobile app game in the 400 block of Evans Street with a group of people when he was stabbed after a physical confrontation.

A few minutes earlier, officers say the same person approached two people at the Five Points Plaza parking lot and shoved one of them against a car. Jonathan Rodgers suffered bruising, but did not require any medical attention.

The suspect turned himself into police, and officers say charges are pending the evaluation and consultation with the District Attorney’s Office.

Manning was treated and released from Vidant Medical Center and police say they don’t believe the suspect lured the players to the downtown location, or that the assaults were directly connected to the game.”