Pokemon GO Server Status

Here is a handy Pokemon GO Server Monitoring Tool from datadoghq that lets you see the status of Server Data, Server Uptime, Latency, and Login Status for both EU and US.

Known Bugs and Issues

last updated 7/18/16

Below is a list of major known bugs or issues. In order to reduce unnecessary posts, please read this before submitting a text post. I will try to clean up the FAQ soon. Edit: A majority of these bugs and issues are essentially server connection problems. It may look like a lot, but it will clean up as servers are fixed.

  • I can’t see Pokémon but my friends can? (OR) I can’t connect but my friends can?
    Servers are very unstable at the moment. Some players can connect while others can’t. Check your time and date settings to make sure they are correct (you may have to toggle time settings to Automatic syncing). This also might be a compatibility issue with certain phones or services having better connection than others. There is nothing you can do at the moment. (see support below)
  • My loading screen freezes at x percent, why won’t it load?
    This probably means the servers are down and you cannot connect. Please check the server status again. Turning your phone on airplane mode before you hit the loading screen and off again seems to work for some, a user has explained this bypass here.
  • I can’t find any Pokémon! The Nearby menu doesn’t update, all the Pokémon in my Nearby screen are 3 “feet” away even if I see them?
    All Pokémon in the Nearby section currently appear with 3 feet distance. This isn’t intended, and it is a major bug for many players. Tracking Pokémon in general seems to be very buggy and unreliable at the moment as there is no discernable order in the Nearby menu. You might have to just wander around untill you find Pokémon. There also seem to be issues with the Nearby menu failing to update itself without an app restart. There is no fix as of yet.
  • My Pokéball freezes and doesn’t shake when I catch a Pokémon?
    There’s a server issue when catching Pokémon that freezes your screen when the Pokéball is supposed to shake. It seems to happen more often whenever the small “Loading” icon in the top left is spinning as you throw the Pokéball.
  • When I’m battling in a gym, the Pokémon I’m fighting has no health or 1HP but still defeats me? (for more gym bugs check minor issues)
    There seems to be an inconsistency in the HP bar and actual remaining Pokémon HP. There are a couple bugs with gym battles that are known. Most issues are due to server/client lag.
  • I keep spinning the icon but can’t collect items from a Pokéstop?
    This seems to be an inconsistency in server connection. If the loading icon is spinning, you might need to wait until it loads the Pokéstop information. If the servers are having certain issues, most PokéStops will be unresponsive. If the Pokéstop says “Try Again Later”, it may have glitched the interface and the Pokéstop appears blue even though you have already collected it. (Pokéstop cooldown is around 4min 30sec). Check your Journal to see if you got any items.
  • Pokémon arn’t showing up on my nearby page / I refreshed my game and the Pokémon I was looking for disappeared. What happened?
    The Pokémon you are looking for might not be updated. I recommend restarting your game every so often. This is a bug with either the UI or the servers. The tracking feature is inconsistent at the moment.
  • I can login, but all the PokéStops and Gyms near me dissappeared
    This is a server error. It probably means the servers are down or not connecting to you. You’ll have to wait until servers are back, this happened to me and I couldn’t fix it. You can try resetting your app (see support).
  • When I throw my Pokéball, it always curves! What’s going on?
    When you wiggle your Pokéball at all, the ball will start to spin and curve when thrown. Apparently this happens more often at higher levels when it’s not intended. There seems to be a correlation with using Berries and increased random ball curves. It may not be a bug but it is certainly an issue for a lot of players. Make sure you are not “prepping” your Pokéball by dragging it backwards and then forwards, I’ve found this can start the spinning. Will update.
  • When my app is in power saving mode, I try and touch the screen after I turn it around and nothing responds or works. Help?
    When in Power Saving mode (found in app Settings), you can turn your phone upside-down to dim the screen and save battery. Touching the screen immediately as you turn your phone rightside-up can render the app unresponsive. Give the app a few seconds to undim before touching. You might have to restart the app.
  • I live in an rural or suburban area and there are little to no Pokéstops or Pokémon around me. What can I do?
    No, this is not a bug. Pokémon Go was made based on a similar GeoApp by Niantic called Ingress. All Pokéstops and gyms were made from user submissions who played Ingress. Pokémon also seem to appear more based on cellular data use, so spawn more in populated areas (speculation). Be patient, I’m sure this will be addressed in the near future.
  • Servers seem to be up but my account still won’t log in? (Ex. Unable to Authenticate or white spinning Pokéball of death)
    First try reseting your app below. All users with a Pokémon Trainer Account seem to have more trouble logging in than Google account users. This also may be an issue with servers. Please recheck server status in your area. The website by Joooas in Server Status also checks for Trainer Account login availability.