Pokemon GO Trading and Leaderboards Being Teased by Niantic

The Pokemon GO craze continues as developer Niantic says trading and leaderboards are on there way, while No Man’s Sky’s first update gets revealed.

Am I the only that would hate for leaderboards to be implemented? In my opinion this game should feel less like a competition to be the very best and more like an adventure you proceed at your own pace..


Redditor /u/Tonycakes brings up a very valid point. “as long as its not like the clash leaderboards, where you know the ones at the top shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to get there.” Not sure if any of you played Clash Royale but a lot of people disliked this about the game.

user /u/LithOn responded with the feature I would personally like to see “This, plus people developing better ways of faking GPS movement will kill people’s enthusiasm for a national/world-wide ranking system. I’d prefer something like gym history/leaderboards to see local rivalries.”

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