Post Halloween Pokemon GO Updates

Pokemon GOI Halloween

A lot of fans of the augmented reality game; Pokemon Go; were concerned that the quality of gameplay was going to plummet once again after the Halloween promotion ended and things settled back down. Niantic appears to have anticipated this lag in interest in the game post Halloween promo, however, and they are working around the clock to add new and exciting features to the game.

In the meantime, however, they have introduced a few important changes to the Pokemon Go game to keep players on their toes (literally, since the main endeavor of the game requires players to walk around frequently) while they develop newer aspects and features. These changes pertain to the following; less sightings of unpopular or over-common Pokemon, no more low level Pokemon hatching from 10k eggs, and an update to many spawn locations all over the world.

Trainers Have Spoken & Niantic Listened

Pokemon GO Halloween

All of the Pokemon that have experienced a change in frequency of spawning  or their egg group are Pokemon that have received frequent player complaints over the past few months. They include low-level, low-power Pokemon such as Ratatta, Zubat, Pidgey, and the lovable but ultimately useless Eevee. Before the most recent updates, cities and rural areas alike were completely overrun by these Pokemon, particularly by Pidgey and Ratatta.

Many Pokemon Are Spawning in New Locations

Players all over the globe are confirming that there are noticeable changes in the Pokemon that are spawning in their vicinity, or at frequented locations. This is a great incentive for players to get back out there and about, since they will now have opportunities to catch Pokemon locally that they did have before. Where players once found Ponyta they are finding Mankey. Where players once found cafes overrun by Pidgeys, they now find a more reasonable number of some other Pokemon such as an Abra or Paras.