Some Recent Updates and Upgrades

Whether it’s an update or an upgrade, Pokemon Go developer NianticLabs seems to be releasing something new pretty constantly in these early phases of the popular Pokemon Go game. Whether or not this is effectively keeping players engaged in the game for longer lengths of time is anyone’s guess at this point. But for those of us who are still playing the reality augmentation game, it is nice to have something new to look forward to- particularly when it’s a fix that we’ve been waiting for.

Battery Saver Mode is Back

Pokemon GO Battery Saver Mode
Pokemon GO Battery Saver Mode is back!

At some point in the never-ending list of updates, the battery saver mode just disappeared from the game options. Players were outraged.

Niantic’s mostly recently released update included an upgrade patch that has brought the fan-favorite feature back thankfully. The game was incredibly hard on battery reserves for most phones without the battery saver mode. Now, game users can once again run the app in the background.

The Buddy System

Pokemon GO Buddy System
Pokemon GO Buddy System

The buddy system allows players to choose one Pokemon to travel with them at all times; whether it be their favorite for nostalgic reasons, or because of the unique stats associated with each Pokemon when chosen as a buddy.

As you walk around, buddy Pokemon gather Candy that are specific to their Pokemon type. These candy can be used to expedite the evolution of any Pokemon of the same type. Depending upon the chosen buddy Pokemon’s type, they will give you a candy every 1-3 km walked.

Changes to Gym Training

Pokemon GO Gym Training Update
Pokemon GO Gym Training Update

Another recent change to the game has enabled players to take up to 6 Pokemon to a Gym battle. Prior to this, a trainer could only take a single Pokemon into the gym with them to train. This update makes it much easier and faster for Pokemon to gain experience and stats.