Working Android GPS Spoofing Hack

GPS spoofing is changing your location to catch Pokémon in other cities and take over remote gyms without ever getting out of your seat. Most players use GPS spoofing and modified versions of the game because they are from a rural area where it’s a little more desolate for budding trainers.

Be warned developer Niantic Labs doesn’t hold any sympathy, and has been issuing soft bans on players who decide to cheat.


Here is the working method for Android, working as of July 11th 2016

  • Install the official version of Pokemon Go
  • Make sure your phone is rooted; How to do this can be found here
  • Download and install the latest version of Lucky Patcher official website
  • Download the (without installing) Fake GPS Location Spoofer.
  • Run Lucky Patcher. Give it right of superuser.
  • Go to the last tab (Rebuild & install). Next, we find the previously downloaded apk file, Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Click on it and select “install as system app”.
  • Waiting for the completion of the installation (Your phone will reboot).
  • Next you need to set up Fake GPS. Run it, and go into the settings.
  • Put a tick “Expert Mode” (without the program does not work). Other settings do not touch.
  • If you constantly are jumping back to your real IRL location, try using this guide thanks to /u/Gezzaman

If you have any questions post here, sister and I have been using this method for many years on ingress and now Pokemon Go to Spoof location. The moderators over at pokemon go are not happy with this information so they’re trying to censor it.