Speed Lock Restrictions on In-Game Features

Pokemon GO Speed Restrictions

We’ve all heard the horror stories on the news revolving around Pokemon GO – people being injured by motor vehicles; hit, run over, or worse- as a direct result of the Pokemon Go game. Four months after the game’s initial release, the Niantic Labs Company is finally addressing the issue by turning off spawns and locator/tracking capabilities while driving.

For the most part, however, their solution has been met with resoundingly negative feedback from fans of the Pokemon Go game. Many are claiming that the latest update; which is essentially an integrated safety feature; is ruining the game experience completely.

At What Speed Does the Feature Kick In?

The latest update takes advantage of the same GPS feature that allows your devices to connect to a FitBit, or other health/exercise devices and apps. It monitors the speed at which you are traveling, and shuts off the key features of Pokemon Go as soon as your vehicle reaches a speed of 30 miles per hour, or faster. The features are not supposed to turn back on until you drop below a speed of 30 miles per hour; but many players have complained that the disabled features do not turn back on until after they come to a complete stop.Pokemon GO Going Too Fast

Who Will This Most Affect Gameplay For?

The speed lock restriction on Pokemon Go is already affecting not only players, but many companies that have developed gimmicks revolving around a moving Pokemon Go safari of sorts as well. The groups of players that will be most strongly affected are as follows-

  • Children in a vehicle with their parents
  • Commuters
  • Individuals who do a lot of travel
  • And of course, Pokemon Go addicts

While the safety aspects of this update are important, they may very well have killed the main allure of the game itself.